Meet our management couple, NJ and Mettie Van Der Merwe.

This duo is a force to be reckoned with, ensuring the efficiency, level of detail, and personalization that the Cheetah Plains experience has come to be synonymous with. Having been in the hospitality industry for 28 years, of which 20 years were in 5-star hotels, they collectively know every corner of the hotel business.

Their secret, however, is the talent that lies beneath…

Mettie is meticulous, creative, and extremely hands-on. Nothing escapes her! Her secret passion is creating the details that impact the moments on safari that we’ve come to love. From bushveld drink stops to pillow treats and gifts, she enjoys nothing more than preparing and putting ideas together for her teams, particularly housekeeping, who have the opportunity to make a subtle difference in any guest stay.

While Mettie manages the lodge details, NJ equally oversees the operations with laser intent. His active involvement in the development of our solar plant, together with his invaluable knowledge and expertise across our intricate green energy system, ensure that our supply of power is streamlined and our processes are in place for uninterrupted operations.

NJ’s absolute enthusiasm for, and fascination with, the Cheetah Plains offering is contagious. He never misses an opportunity to share stories about the pivotal influence of our combined luxury and sustainability positioning, which has become our signature and ultimately sets us apart.

Together, NJ and Mettie work tirelessly to perfect the unforgettable experience that we promise, using their bond to their advantage and their many years of experience as their compass.

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