Moses is like an institution at Cheetah Plains. His traditional roots in Shangaan culture, which we share this month as part of our heritage story, relate back to the very importance of the shared experience—the soul of Africa.
As Head Butler, Moses leads by example, attending to every detail of a guest’s stay by making sure each and every person’s experience is an unforgettable holiday in the bush.

Moses has been with the team since 2019 and has had a career spanning 20 years in the hospitality industry. He is well versed in the exceptional wines we keep and is one of the masters of our cellar.

…But Moses also has a skill that brings great joy—he can dance!
“You can touch people’s souls through dancing and singing, even if we don’t speak the same language.”

Moses started dancing at school, where he entered dance and singing competitions and later became a member of one of the best traditional dance groups in the area. He then went on to create his own dance group called “Senzeni Traditional Dancers,“ which gave many children a sense of belonging and stability, inspiring the next generation to keep the traditions of their culture alive and shared with the world.

We have a saying at Cheetah Plains which we like to live – “We are a team, but never forget where you come from. Your heritage forms you as a person, and we need to respect that of each other“. Together, we are stronger.

Cheetah Plains reflects, protects, and showcases the South African heritage on a level we take great pride in. From the art in our collection to the cuisine we serve together with fine heritage wines, but especially the incredible people on our team that share the unique privilege of experiencing their culture first-hand.

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