Having been at Cheetah Plains since its more humble beginnings, Andrew has played an integral role in the establishment of Cheetah Plains and the lodge it is known to be today, in more ways than one.

He started his professional journey as a groundskeeper and moved on to be a tracker. Eventually starting as a field guide in 2007 and joining Cheetah Plains thereafter. With now nearly 25 years of experience, transitioning through these different roles has enabled Andrew to know and appreciate the ins and outs of the wild, exquisitely sharing his perspectives through his wildlife photography. He has a keen eye for capturing wildlife, especially birds and our deeply adored bushveld sunsets. He particularly enjoys spending time with elephants, fascinated by their unique way of doing and being as well as the strong sense of community that they share.

Andrew is dedicated to his guests as much as he is to his craft, always seeking to impress, educate and entertain with his endless bush stories and extensive knowledge. He constantly aspires to learn more, do more and achieve more, prioritising his own improvement and helping others.

Andrew’s contributions to Cheetah Plains extend beyond his roles as a Field Guide. He was involved in the naming of our three magnificent villas Mapogo, Karula and Mvula, inspired by their extraordinary behaviours and living legacy. Each villa’s unique appointment and design creatively embodies the iconic character of the name it’s been given, paying a lasting tribute to the Mapogo Brothers, Mvula, and Karula.

For some, being in the bush and feeling connected to nature is an escape or once-in-a-lifetime experience; for Andrew, it’s a way of life that he gets to share.

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