It began with the idea of sharing the privilege of being alone in the wild.

The idea took hold in the minds of the architects, echoing their belief that any impression of this unique landscape should enhance the existing experience of being in the bush. Avoiding unnecessary filters, complimenting nature without interference.

It led to a re-envisaging of traditional bush architecture and a fundamental departure from communal spaces. A new notion of luxury that informed three fully self-contained, exclusive-use villas. Including every conceivable comfort, all for a single-family or group of friends.

Ultra contemporary. Totally autonomous.

It inspired a design aesthetic rooted in integration. That brings the outdoors in, creating a memorable presence through a series of elegantly simplified edifices that are at one with the landscape. Understated yet powerful.

It culminated in a vision of something exceptional. And, with that bold stroke of genius, owner Japie and his collaborative visionaries lifted the bar…

So, began a unique journey of creativity that runs through everything we do.

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