Boutique in the wild

Recently opened at Cheetah Plains, SHARI’s Boutique portrays the level of luxury and sophistication that Cheetah Plains has come to be synonymous with, bringing together elements that exemplify luxury in the bush through the finest designers and artists, while supporting the local collectible design category in South Africa. Inspired by our pristine location in the […]

Diamonds on Safari

Debuting the ultimate Diamond Experience in the bush in our exquisitely curated boutique, SHARI’S. As one of the world’s most remote private showrooms for diamonds, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with access to top-quality diamonds, as well as our very own Cheetah Plains Signature Diamond Collection. Starting with champagne service, guests will have a […]

A pangolin in the wild

If there was ever a sighting to have… it’s this one. This comes just after World Pangolin Day on February 18, dedicated to raising awareness around their poaching and capture. Pangolin’s are the world’s most trafficked mammals, as their scales are falsely believed to have medicinal properties in some cultures, and their meat is considered […]

Meet Moses

Moses is like an institution at Cheetah Plains. His traditional roots in Shangaan culture, which we share this month as part of our heritage story, relate back to the very importance of the shared experience—the soul of Africa.

The first ever private nature reserve

The Sabi Sand Wildtuin has changed name to the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve. The reserve, of which Cheetah Plains is part of, exists to protect, preserve and promote a remarkable part of the Greater Kruger National Park’s open ecosystem. The commitment to the sustainable management of this pristine wilderness area between the Sabi and Sand […]

Happy women’s day

Of the 62 people on our team, 30 of them are women – that’s 48% that make up the staff complement at Cheetah Plains. A shout out to the wonderful women on our team that together create, service and treasure the luxury safari experience our guests have come to love, appreciate and indulge in. It […]