A Closer Look at the Wild: Sipps’ Springtime Update

The Sabi Sand Nature Reserve offers amazing wildlife experiences throughout the year, and it’s still by far the best Big Five reserve in the world. Everything has evolved to adapt to the ecosystem and complete the food chain, naturally inspired by climatic changes. These past few months, animal concentration and movement have increased, allowing for […]

The silent safari – National Geographic, Emma Gregg

A brilliant article in the print edition of National Geographic about ESV’s – Electric Safari Vehicles that Cheetah Plains has been included in. Certainly a new era as we drive home our sustainability efforts in the luxury safari travel sector. Cheetah Plains, a sumptuous collection of exclusive-use, solar-powered villas in Sabi Sands Game Reserve in […]

Silent safari anyone?

“Luxury Sabi Sands Lodge Cheetah Plains has one of the better-publicised fleets of electric safari vehicles. All vehicles on the property are converted Land Cruisers that run off solar and have zero emissions. The custom electric vehicles seat eight guests in style with tailored backrest recline, personal heating, and USB charging ports.” Read Article